Each year, GHASNT's Board of Directors and Members take on many great initiatives aimed at advancing our NDT professionalism, lending a helping hand and promoting the role that NDT has in making the world a safer place.  Here are some currently underway.


GHASNT Supports Our Veterans Entering NDT

With gratitude for their service to our country and in recognition of the great professional contribution that many of our veterans have made to the NDT industry, GHASNT invites our military Non-destructive Testing (NDT) personnel to become members with a special offer.

The Greater Houston Section is sponsoring any active duty military or veteran with their first year’s membership, a value of $30.00.

ASNT Handbook Project: NDT In the PetroChemical Industry

ASNT has been assembly a new handbook, NDT in the Petro Chemical Industry. Here in Houston, we have the largest group of NDT inspectors and practitioners in the petro chemical industry in the United States who provide their service each and every day.  You the NDT inspectors and practitioners have the NDT knowledge and the expertise in the industry.  We are asking that you provide your knowledge and expertise input into this handbook endeavor.