Jerry Fulin Technician of the Year


We encourage any supervisor or mentor who knows of a deserving Level I, II or III working technician to nominate him or her.  If you think you could be the Technician of the Year, you are invited to apply yourself as well!  Not only is it a great honor to be acknowledged with this award, but it is an excellent opportunity to further advance your NDT knowledge, receive recognition and a chance to be nominated for ASNT National Technician of the Year representing the Greater Houston ASNT section. 


The Greater ASNT Houston Section proudly announces that the winners for 2018/19 shall receive: 

Level I Technician: $1500.00 + plaque

Level II Technician: $1500.00 + plaque

Level III Technician: Plaque

How to apply:

BY MAIL: return the application and additional information to:

Jerry Fulin Technician of the Year Award Chairman
Greater Houston Section of ASNT
P.O. Box 2602
Houston, Texas 77252


Please call Roger Jordan at (713) 263-4303